About TVOC

The object of the club is to promote orienteering especially in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. TVOC is a friendly club and all officers and members are willing to help. PLEASE ASK.


TVOC was formed at a meeting in Thame in December 1971. Before then, from the late 1960s, there existed three small clubs in the area we now cover. These were Oxford Orienteering Association, Aylesbury Orienteering Club, and Chiltern Orienteering Club.

The minutes of that meeting show three names were suggested for the new club: Oxbow O.C., Thames Valley Orienteers, and Buccaneers. The meeting voted to adopt Thames Valley Orienteers. Somehow, in the years since, we have become Thames Valley Orienteering Club….

The newly elected Treasurer reported that the club had funds totalling £81.

At the time of our 50th anniversary several of those who attended that formative meeting were still active members.


The club hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Events can vary in what they offer but they usually fall into one of the following categories.

  • Chiltern Challenge – our premier event of the year. Expect a top quality set of courses for some challenging orienteering in our prime woodlands.
  • SCOA League – often events form part of our region’s league (South Central Orienteering Association, or SCOA). These events are marked with SCOL in their description plus the number of the event.
  • Saturday Series – Run on Saturdays approximately monthly, these events have plenty of helpers on hand to help beginners. They make use of our smaller areas so courses are limited to Green standard.
  • Summer Series – Informal, midweek evening events in the summer months with a pub meetup arranged for after. These events are a great way to socialise with other club members.
  • MapRun – A series of past summer series events and more are available to run as you wish using the MapRun app to track completion and timing.

The above does not cover all that we do, just the majority. We also put on, or assist in, other large events at the regional and national level. For example hosting the SCOA or the British Orienteering championships.

Representing TVOC

Join the club and you can enter the majority of events yourself via the hosting clubs website.

Team based orienteering competitions are handled by TVOC’s Club Captain. For example, there are relay events associated with both the British Championships and the JK. The CompassSport Cup is an inter-club orienteering championship. There are various Junior competitions, too, such as the Peter Palmer relays and the Yvette Baker Trophy.

Leagues and prizes


The TVOC Junior Squad is very proactive and always looking for new members (18 and under). Full details can be found on their page.

Governance of TVOC

TVOC is governed through its officers who are elected every year at an AGM. The club officers hold club meetings every 2 months to manage the activities of the club. These are held on the third Tuesday, every other month (January, March etc.) All club members are welcome to attend these meetings, which are currently held remotely. See the club management page for more details.

More Information

Please refer to the links on the sidebar to the right (or further down the page if you are viewing this on a phone or tablet) to view TVOC policy documents and guidelines.

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