Child Protection Policy

TVOC is intent that children and vulnerable adults will find orienteering a safe environment in which to have fun, learn and develop. The club will do this by adopting and promoting the British Orienteering Policy on protecting Young and Vulnerable People.

British Orienteering Policy:

British Orienteering regards the welfare of all young people and vulnerable adults to be of paramount importance. In order to protect them from abuse, the Federation is committed to taking all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for them to participate in orienteering activities held under the auspices of the Federation. To this end, the Federation will establish, operate, review and update procedures:-

  • which promote the safety from abuse of young and vulnerable people,
  • which provide a channel through which concerns and allegations can be reported
  • for responding speedily to any reports of concerns and allegations.

In addition, the Federation will establish, operate, review and update procedures:-

  • for advising adults on how to interact with young and vulnerable people in ways which are beneficial for all concerned
  • which support anyone who reports concerns that a young person or vulnerable adult may have been or may be at risk of being abused
  • which provide support to and the fair treatment of anyone against whom allegations have been made
  • for responding appropriately if it is established that someone is unsuitable for work with or has behaved in anunacceptable manner towards young and vulnerable people.

Everyone, whether employee or volunteer, involved with young and vulnerable people within orienteering has a responsibility to follow these procedures; this includes acting as specified in the procedures if they have reason to believe that such a person has been or is in danger of being harmed.

This policy was adopted by TVOC at the AGM on 17 November 2007