TVOC MapRun events

This page lists the TVOC MapRun events other than the Oxford Street Series events, which may be found on a separate page.

Please note that many of these events involve road crossings and, as such, are not suitable for unaccompanied under-16s.

These events are intended for training or just for a bit of fun. They do not form part of any competition. However, you may want to see which routes other runners took and you may do that by clicking here and typing TVOC into the box. This will bring up results for all these events.

To access these events in the MapRun app, go to Select Event > UK > Thames Valley. The events are then named in an obvious way.

PDF maps to print take on your run are linked from the text below.

Wendover Town (published June 2020): two urban line courses (visit all controls in the right order) planned by Dawn and Dave Figg. The short course is 3km long (optimal route 4.4km on the ground) and the long course is 6.8k long (optimal route around 9.5km on the ground). Both courses start and finish in the centre of Wendover.

King’s Wood, High Wycombe (published May 2020): two forest line courses planned by Alun Jones. These courses have a separate page here.

Harwell courses (published May 2020): a linear course and score course in Harwell (near Didcot), planned by Richard and Carys Sharp. These courses have a separate page here.

Wendover Woods (published May 2020): 6 line courses in the forest, planned by Heidi Lloyd. These have a separate page here.

Didcot Ladygrove Sprints (published May 2020): 6 sprint courses in urban terrain, planned by Roger Thetford. These have a separate page here.