Wendover Woods

We currently offer 6 line courses, 4 are suggestions from the original permanent course documentation and two are brand new for MapRun. One planned by Heidi Lloyd and the other planned by Ben Green, both of TVOC. The courses may be found in the MapRun app under Select Events > UK > TVOC > Wendover Woods.

The start for all courses is about 10m south east of the cafe.

Controls are all part of our Permanent Orienteering Course (POC) and will usually be visible as posts on the ground, though these can occasionally disappear or fall over. 

We strongly recommend you print a map (links below) to take with you. Please be aware that :

Control 2 is approximately 5m south of the junction, on the west side of the track. Applies to courses A, B and H.

Control 19 is on the west side of a distinctive needle-leaved tree. Applies to courses B, E and H.

There are six available courses, all line courses, with ‘straight line’ distances as follows (the distance on the ground will be greater, and some courses include significant climb). The hotlinks below give access to the map and control descriptions.
A (5 controls, 1.6k, 30m climb)  Easy, similar to Yellow.
B (6 controls, 3.3k, 100m climb) Steep but technically easy, similar to Orange.
C (6 controls, 4.1k, 160m climb) Boddington Hill, moderate, similar to Long Orange/Red.
E (7 controls, 6.2k, 290m climb) More challenging, difficult with significant climb and access road crossings.
G (9 controls, 5.1k, 120m climb) Very difficult, similar to Green with access road crossings.
H (8 controls, 4.3k, 125m climb)  Difficult similar to Light Green.