OSS and TVSS on MapRun

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Remember that the UK is currently in lockdown. Government guidance states that ‘Outdoor exercise should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your area to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)’. In the circumstances, the closing dates of current OSS and TVSS events have been suspended until these travel restrictions have been lifted.

Over Autumn and Winter 2020/21 we are running two parallel events, the Oxford Street Series (OSS) and the Thames Valley Street Series (TVSS). Each series will have one event per month. Scroll down for current events.

Please note that these events involve road crossings and, as such, are not suitable for unaccompanied under-16s.

To find all events on the MapRun app, open the app, click on Select Event > UK > Thames Valley > and then choose Oxford Street Series (OSS) or TVSS as appropriate. Note that past events from Summer 2020 (which you can still run) are also in these folders: to get the current events, you need to scroll to the bottom for the newer events, which have the current month as well as the name of the area in the event name.

To access the pdf map and control descriptions, click on the event name (hotlink) below. Maps are 1:10,000 unless otherwise noted. White areas are OOB even if they appear to be crossable on the ground; yellow areas may be traversed.

Almost all of our events use the “Waikato Score” system: visit as many controls as you can in 60 minutes. 10 points for each control numbered 10-19, 20 points for each control numbered 20-29, and 30 points for the controls numbered 30-39. There is a penalty of 20 points for each minute (or part thereof) you are late back. There have been some exceptions to this.

To see the results, including tracks for all runners, click here and type TVOC TVSS or TVOC OSS into the box. Please do not look at the results of any given event, even just the scores, before you have run it – this gives a significant unfair advantage.

The current league standing and event results for each series can be found below.
Series 1 : TVSS Summer 2020 (Finished)
Series 2 : TVSS Winter 2020/2021
Series 3 : OSS Winter 2020/2021



TVSS Jan21 (Event 3): Beaconsfield, planned by Robin Bishop, TVOC.  Full instructions and control descriptions here.

OSS Jan21 (Event 3): Botley (closing date suspended), planned by Simon Ross, TVOC. Starts and finishes in Toynbee Close, Botley, OX2 9HW.  There is ample on-street parking with no restrictions in the area.  The map takes in streets and footpaths which at this time of year are very muddy so trail shoes are definitely recommended.  The A34 cuts across the map North to South and can only be crossed at three locations (all via underpasses) next to controls 10, 11 and 12.  Should you choose to cross at control 12 you will need to run on the wide pavement alongside the A34 – this footpath can be clearly seen on the map.  Please take care if using this route.  The majority of controls are lamp-posts but there are some variations so please refer to the separate description sheet. Sites should be obvious from the map anyway as long as you’re in the right place! 

TVSS Dec20 (Event 2): Princes Risborough with Whiteleaf, planned by Neville Baker, TVOC (closing date suspended). Start and Finish are at the junction of New Rd and The Crescent, Princes Risborough – plentiful street parking is available nearby. Note that the map includes controls in the Brush Hill Reserve and Whiteleaf Hill. Expect severe climbs should you choose to try for these controls. It is forbidden to run on the middle portion of Peter’s Lane, which is steep, sunken and can have fast traffic. Care should be taken crossing any part of this lane. Finally note that this area has a few extraneous features on the map (such as the occasional wall) which should be ignored.


OSS Dec20 (Event 2): North Abingdon, planned by John and Kathryn Turner, TVOC. The Start/Finish is at the Lamp post at the far end of Rutherford Close OX14 2AT. From the Oxford Road, Abingdon, turn into Appleford Drive at the traffic lights adjacent to the Boundary House Pub. Parking can easily be found in adjacent streets. Please do not park in Rutherford Close itself. Control numbers 11 and 14 are Footbridges. All the remaining controls are Lamp posts. 

TVSS Nov20 (Event 1): Marlow North and Marlow Bottom, planned by Bob and Pattie Beresford, TVOC. Another bespoke map from the Beresfords, and this should be a real treat. Full instructions on the back side of the map linked above.

OSS Nov20 (Event 1): Oxford East, planned by Oliver Paulin, OUOC. Start is on the Cowley Marsh Recreation Ground. Parking ought to be possible on nearby streets if you choose your time carefully.