Didcot Ladygrove Sprints

Six short sprint-style courses in Didcot, created by experienced TVOC planner Roger Thetford. PLEASE NOTE: no unaccompanied Under 16s on these courses, which involve multiple road crossings.

In MapRun, you will find these courses in Select Event > UK > Thames Valley > Didcot Ladygrove Sprints.

The start and finish for all of these courses is a short walk from Didcot Parkway station.

There are three courses on the Ladygrove South map, start opposite the Ladygrove pub, corner of Cow Lane and Tyne Ave.

Ladygrove South 1.4km

Ladygrove South 1.8km

Ladygrove South 2.3km

Ladygrove South control descriptions (all three courses)

There are three more courses on the Ladygrove NW map, start on Tyne Ave around 400m NW of the junction with Cow Lane.

Ladygrove NW 1.3km

Ladygrove NW 1.5km

Ladygrove NW 2.0km

Ladygrove NW control descriptions (all three courses)