Saturday Series

17th February 2024

Organiser's Comments

Thank you all for attending todays event in a misty and atmospheric Wendover Woods. The area is well used with plenty of well-defined and metalled tracks. When planning the courses I kept in mind that an event had been put in there a few months earlier by Heidi Lloyd TVOC, so I wanted to avoid giving the same route options. So I based the courses around the ridge adjacent to the carpark, this enabled me to keep the green courses in terrain for the first part before a transit to the other ridge. The other courses were able to make good use of tracks/paths to bring them around to some decent attack points. Recent forestry work had made putting controls in some places a bit of a lottery, so I avoided these areas. Also given the low level of vegetation at this time of year some vegetation boundaries had become indistinct (or non-existent). I hope I still managed to get the courses in at appropriate level for a low key Saturday event and that you all enjoyed your courses, and yes in Wendover there is always going to be some climb. It was nice to see plenty of newcomers at the event today, I hope you find time to come to another event.