Saturday Series League

This league consists of all the events in our Saturday series. There is separate concurrent league for juniors.

2024 Standings

Last Updated: 14 Jul 2024 (Event 6: Park Wood)

2024 Rules


The league is open to all adults, whether a member of an orienteering club or not. Juniors are not classified unless they are running the Green course; there is an independent Junior League.

The following courses are included in the league and are scored separately:

  • Red
  • Light Green
  • Green

Points are calculated for each event in the Saturday series with the best 4 counting towards a competitor’s total.

The points calculation is based on time with:

  • 500 points for the course winner
  • 500 × (winning time / competitor time) points for other finishers
  • Organisers receive the average points scored for the event

E.g. If a runner takes twice as long as the winner, they receive half as many points (250).

If an event does not offer the usual range of courses then the procedure outlined by the following example will be used

An event does not offer Green. Therefore, the Light Green course would accommodate both Light Green runners, as well as those who would usually run the Green course. The results for the Light Green would be split into two tables: one for those who have previously run Green in the league, or have expressly wished their score to count towards Green; and those who have not run Green in the league. Points will be calculated separately and assigned to the Light green and Green leagues as appropriate.


The following categories will be used for awards:

  • M/W Open (including M/W 20)
  • M/W Veteran (40+)
  • M/W Super Veteran (55+)
  • M/W Ultra Veteran (65+)
  • M/W Hyper Veteran (75+)

A competitor must compete in at least 3 events on the same course to be eligible for an award.

Awards will be given for any category where at least 3 runners have 3 or more qualifying scores. If this criterion is not me then a competitor will be classified in the class above. E.g. If there are only 2 MVeterans with 3 counting scores on a
course, those competitors will be considered with the MOpen class.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact the League Organiser by email.