University Parks

Saturday Series

8th July 2023



Organiser's Comments

A couple of comments regarding the courses today.

The temporary disappearance of three controls at the event has been rectified in the results using the following method.
The controls in question have been marked as optional to visit. This allows the time taken for you traverse the missing controls to remain. The flags were at the control site in the correct position. So the time loss is minimal.
Winsplits resolves this by inserting a 1 sec leg for each of the missing controls.

Control 1 on Red and Control 13 on Orange, number 118 was in the wrong position. This was due to Oxford University Security objecting to it's original location in the outward path of a fire exit. The new position on the drain pipe against the wall opposite the exit route was on the way to the original position so should not have caused too many issues.