Penn Wood Saturday Series

Saturday Series

27th November 2021

Our next event is our 50th anniversary event at Shotover, just east of Oxford, on Sunday 19th December.  Click here for details.

There is a full range of courses, including the ones typically seen at Saturday Series.  Do come along, we would be delighted to see you.  Pre-entry only through Fabian4.

We are looking to provide a full series of Saturday Series next year.  Watch the TVOC website for details.

Organiser's Comments

Calling the go, no go decision on the morning of the event worked well.

On my count 105 out of 146 pre-entered, ran today. 22 DSQ or retired, suggests people are being too ambitious in spite of all our efforts to get them to run within their limits. The courses were planned to BO guidelines. I am reluctant to dumb them down as it might encourage newcomers to bite off more than they can chew on some really tough area and they might get into trouble or not enjoy their run.

I noticed that hardly anybody reads signs in start lanes. An example being the course's closing sign. 8 people finished after 13.00. Today it was important to get all back as the wind did pick up and I wanted all out of the forest as soon as possible. Don’t know what we can do to get this across. Maybe a large banner before the start control?

Lost competitor: close one today. Fortunately the lost competitor showed up at 2pm. One positive is that the emergency number on the map (organisers mobile) worked well and led to the initiation of an action plan.

The Saturday Series does require a planner, controller from the club and an organiser given 100-150 competitors.

Thanks to all who attended. Great to see club members turning up to help in force, and in some cases not even going for a run. Thank you.