Saturday Series

19th March 2022

Organiser's Comments

Thank you to everyone who came to Brill Common today. I hope you enjoyed the courses. Special thanks too to those who did double helping shifts or didn't get a run. It wasn't easy planning courses here but I have really enjoyed exploring such a unique place.

After we left the lambs moved in.


Controller's Comments

Heidi put a lot of work into this event. Brill is not an easy area to plan, especially for the less technical courses. I think she got the most out of the small area. We received many compliments especially regarding the Red course, which the runners really enjoyed. All helped by the lovely day. Brill is a splendid location.

Peter controlled the event as regards agreeing the courses and control sites, so full credit to him, as well. Unfortunately he contracted Covid so I stepped in as replacement on the day. No significant problems on the day as regards the courses.

Sorry to hear about the lady who broke her wrist, we all wish you a speedy recovery.

Acting controller on the day.