Bradenham Woods

Saturday Series

15th January 2022

Organiser's Comments

A nice set of courses today, so thanks to the planner and controller.

Our Saturday series of events don't use our regular TVOC teams so this required a little extra work to sort , but hopefully it all went well for participants and my thanks to all those that helped on the day.

For this time of year we opted for hard standing for parking this did limit numbers but took away the risk of soggy fields (and event cancellation).

An issue arose on the morning over a potential safety risk for ongoing path works, but this was soon resolved with the works safety manager.

At the end we had no lost property and all competitors were off the courses by course closure time, so thank you all as it enabled our helpers to get back in to the warm without undue delay.


Planner's Comments

First of all my thanks to Chris for organising the event, the new car park meant that all courses got quickly into the better bits of the wood.

Mark Thompson as mapper and Controller, assisted in making the courses both fair and hopefully fun for all involved.

My thanks to all of you for coming out on such a grey day, I do hope that you felt your journey was worth the effort.

Certainly the many thanks we received at the download tent made all the volunteer helpers smile.

See you all again soon.

Peter Riches