Penn Woods event- reason for the entry limit

The number of competitors at this event is limited to 240.  That limit is unaffected by British Orienteering’s new guidance for the resumption of orienteering.

There are three reasons for the limit we have imposed:

  1. It’s our first event after restart, so we want to limit numbers to ensure that our social distancing and other measures are effective and successful.
  2. We have limited car parking.  Bearing in mind that many competitors will travel on their own to the event, this limits numbers we can accommodate.
  3. Penn Wood is of limited size and is much used by local residents.  We want to maintain good relations with the landowner and locals by not putting too many competitors into the area.

Regrettably, there will be many orienteers who will be disappointed not to be able to run.  We are sorry if we cannot accommodate you.  But we are looking to have much greater capacity for our next event in November.  And we are offering a range of free MapRun events in the Wycombe and Oxford area, which you are most welcome to do.