TVOC Mailing Lists

TVOC has two Google groups emailing lists.

The TVOC members mailing list is open to TVOC members only and enables all members of TVOC to keep in touch. By subscribing to the list you will receive all messages posted by other members and can send messages to all other subscribed members.

Only subscribed members can post to this list at


The second TVOC event mailing list is provided for anybody who wishes to receive reminders of forthcoming TVOC events. You do not have to be a member of TVOC to subscribe to this list. This list is read only.


TVOC members may subscribe to both lists.

To unsubscribe from either list follow the link which appears at the bottom of every email you receive from the mailing list.

Changing email address

There are various ways of managing a change of email address.

1. Simply subscribe with the new email address. This method is fine if you do not care about the old address, i.e. you do not receive from it anymore.

2. Unsubscribe from the mailing list using the old address and then subscribe using the new address. Use this method if you will still use the older email address for other purposes. Note that this method may not work if your system sends the email from your new address.