Saturday Online Entry

If you register in advance with the map reservation system, it avoids having to fill in a form at the event, it guarantees you a map and (if you are hiring) an EMIT card. It’s really easy to use and, once you have used the system once, future events are literally a couple of clicks. There are just three steps involved:

Step 1 – Log on

Click ‘Logon’ – there are several options offered: Yahoo, Google, Facebook, OpenID

Step 2 – Register your runners

Click on My Runners in the left hand menu, and the click on the ‘Add new runner’ button. Fill in the various fields. Here are a few helpful pointers: 

  • Name of competitor – forename and surname, as you want them to appear in the results. If you plan to go round as a pair or a group, then just fill in one name or a group name (eg Jones family). 
  • If you are not in an orienteering club, or school or youth group associated with TVOC, then just leave this field blank.
  • EMIT card – this is the electronic timing chip system we use. If you don’t have an EMIT card, then just leave the box blank and we will lend you a card (no charge).

Click the ‘Add new runner button’ to save. You will then see the details you have entered. If several of you are coming and want to compete separately, then just click on the Add new runner and fill in their details.

Step 3 – Enter the event

Click on Event list in the left hand menu. That will probably only show you the one forthcoming Saturday Series event. Click on the ‘Reserve map’ button.

Fill in the contact information field – this is for emergencies only if, for example, you do not return from your course. So ideally give a mobile number we could contact you on.

For each of your saved runners, select which course they will do. If any of your saved runners are not coming to this event, just leave them showing as ‘– Select to enter’.

And that’s it!

We will keep a map for you until 11:15, so make sure you are there by then. And if by chance you find you cannot make it after all, please cancel your entry – go to Event list, click on the Reserve map button, and you will find a delete button next to your name.

On the morning of the event

Just come to our usual trio of tents. You can walk past tent 1 (the form-filling tent) and go straight to tent 2. Tell them you have pre-entered, say who you are so they can find you on the list of pre-entrants, pay the entry fee and collect your map. If you are also hiring an EMIT card, then you will also need to go to tent 3 – again say you are pre-entered, and they will allocate you a card.

The Small Print:
  • Even if you do not finish your course, you MUST report back to download so we don’t send out a search party to look for you.
  • You take part at your own risk
  • Our public liability insurance covers non-members for three events only.