Witney Urban Race

Level C

26th September 2021

Southern Urban League tables

British Orienteering ranking points

We had an issue with one of our start units today.  Although all our control units were synchronised on Wednesday, the time on one start unit drifted by 60 seconds in those four days.  This became apparent when we looked at the splits to the first control.

This start unit was primarily used by those running courses 2 and 5, but it also affected a few people on other courses depending on which start unit you used.  We have been through the results and made adjustments to the start times of those individuals who used the rogue start unit.  If you were affected, you will see that your published result is different from that shown on your splits printout.

Meanwhile we are now conducting a test of our start units to confirm how much this one unit is drifting.  We will then be sending it to SPORTident UK to investigate why that unit’s time is drifting so much.

Organiser's Comments

First of all I’d like to thank the individuals involved in making this event happen. Martin Ricketts spent many hours producing a fine map of a new area for TVOC. Mark Foxwell kindly came on board as Controller.

Ben Green, as well as being Planner, also dealt with various administrative issues, some quite difficult and much needed to make the event happen.

John Dalton arranged a handy little car park for the event base.

Then there were the TVOC teams, who carried out their roles with their usual efficiency and good humour.

All the above meant my role as Organiser was minimal, allowing me enough time to get around Course 1 !

Neville Baker.

Planner's Comments

I hope you enjoyed your run around Witney on a very nice September day. The shape of the area is a little unusual, but Church Lane is pleasantly scenic and probably worth seeing 4 times. The Cogges part of the map provides some nice detailed urban orienteering where maintaining map contact is essential. The main technical challenge on the Witney side is probably the car parks. A sprint event held at 5 in the morning when they are all empty could be pretty entertaining! Other than that, the main way to get an orienteering challenge in this kind of area is to set up left/right route choices, and I hope I managed to give you one or two to think about.

Finally, the lion's share of the work for the event was done by Martin Ricketts, who produced a very fine map with just a couple of months notice. I am also greatly indebted to the controller, Mark Foxwell, who offered a lot of good advice and whose help was invaluable in (just) getting all the controls out by 10am.

Ben Green