Shotover and Brasenose Wood Regional event

Level C

15th April 2023

Organiser's Comments

Much to my great surprise and pleasure, everything seemed to go very well indeed! Even the weather was clear and fine, being a marked improvement to the previous week. They say that my events always have good weather!

But the credit, as ever, goes to others.

To you, the competitors, for coming along to the event in the first place. I spoke to many of you at Download, and you all seemed very happy with Mark Saunders' courses. Mark was a delight to work with during preparation for the event. Mark was ably supported by Controller, Stuart Fisher from NWO.

We wanted to try combining one of our Saturday Series event for newcomers with a larger Level C / SCOA League event. This was partly to show our regular Saturday Series entry what a larger event looks and feels like. With more facilities and a more formalised Start they they would be used to. I was delighted to see so many of our Saturday Series regulars today, along with a good many newcomers, families and youngsters. I was very pleased with the entry today. We almost ran out of our Red course maps, and had very good feedback about providing a longer run for runners without too complex navigation!

I must also mention the support of other organisations that are vital to enabling the event to happen.

Oxford City Council are the landowner, and are very supportive of TVOC and of orienteering at Shotover and Brasenose. We are very grateful to BMW for allowing us to use the MINI plant car park for our parking. Thanks to Tom and Julie for providing their excellent catering. And to White Star Medical for the provision of their very professional First Aid. Thankfully they were not needed at all today!

Lost Property:
- One pair of black gloves
- One orienteering whistle

Please let me know if you would like them back!

As we cleared everything up at the end of the event, the warm sun came out properly. It was an excellent finish to an excellent day.

John Dalton

Junior League results can be found at

Planner's Comments

I would just like to give my thanks to everyone who helped today. I really enjoyed planning for this event. I think that, despite the wet paths and ditches, you all managed to enjoy yourselves! The feedback has been very positive. Thanks for coming along.

Mark Saunders