Shotover Country Park – TVOC 50th Anniversary Regional Event – SCOA league SCOL3

Level C

19th December 2021

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TVOC’s next events:

  • Saturday 15th January – Saturday Series at Bradenham Woods.  Details here
  • Sunday 20th February – Level C event at Hodgemoor.  Details available shortly


Organiser's Comments

Well, what a great turn out for our 50th Anniversary do, I hope everyone who took part had a good time and managed to get one of the prized TVOC anniversary bandanas.

Judging by the feedback I got, everyone enjoyed the challenge of Shotover, which is never to be underestimated! Thanks to our planner Simon Ross who came up with some great courses and to our Controller Neville Baker who did a fine job multi-tasking on the day. The TVOC team system worked seamlessly as ever, much appreciated by the Organiser.

Finally, a big thank you to BMW Mini Oxford for allowing us to use their car park, and to Oxford City Council for permission to use Shotover for Orienteering. Thanks also to Paul & Nik from White-Star Medical, only a couple of very minor injuries on the day. And last, but not least, the day was made that bit more special with Tom & Julie’s presence, especially welcome on a cold late December day.

Gary Mills

Planner's Comments

Living right next door to Shotover and doing most of my running there it was a great opportunity to plan some courses on an area I know very well. As always at this time of year the changing forest over the past few months with bracken and brambles dying back and leaves falling made for quite a few changes during planning as visibility and runnability changed week to week. That combined with significant increase of the area by locals for lockdown exercise meant there were a lot of map changes to deal with and Martin did a fantastic job turning out a really consistent and up to date map of the area.

With such an extensive path network and a general absence of good point features, particularly in Brasenose Woods, then finding good technical route options was a challenge but feedback on the day seemed to suggest a good level was ultimately achieved with some excellent advice from controller Neville to help spread courses out and reduce numbers using the same controls.

The biggest challenge for planning was actually determining how to put in a suitable start for the easier courses. Knowing we needed the space of the field to ensure social distancing the paths leading out led very quickly to complex junctions but a taped route for the white course got us over that hurdle and young and old flying round the white and yellow all seemed to have a great time.

It was nearly 20 years since I had last planned an event and having only orienteered a handful of times in that period I’m incredibly grateful to the TVOC team that supported throughout to ensure we put on an event befitting 50 year celebrations!

Simon Ross

Controller's Comments

From a Controllers point of view our 50th Anniversary Event was pretty much perfect.

Martin spent many an hour in the woods producing an excellent map, which Planner Simon used to very good effect.
Just a couple of small niggles to keep me engaged!

Organiser Gary, and the TVOC teams, did their work with the usual efficiency.

Overall a fine event to Control (and very nice having it right on my doorstep!)

Neville Baker