Prize Armchair Course Planning Competition

Level A

24th May 2020

The three best entries, as determined by the judges, were as follows (with hotlinks to their courses)

Winner Ian Webb Part 1 Winner Ian Webb part 2

Runner up Jim Prowting

Third place Tim Must

Some brief comments from the judges on these entries

Ian Webb’s entry

4 good long legs with route choice. Some nice short legs commonly following the long legs demonstrating sharp changes in direction.

There was considerable debate about legs 23-26 which have some horrible doglegs and indeed this featured strongly in a debate to decide the winner, with one judge arguing for this entry and the other for Jim’s efforts!

Jim Prowting’s entry

Probably the best overall course with only one dead leg. However our defined criteria required good challenging long legs and short legs changing in direction. Jim’s course has a number of legs of moderate length but it was judged that he lacked a really good long leg or 2. Long debate about his longest leg 10-11 about whether it is a good leg. The fact that there was a big debate…….

Tim Must’s entry

Some good long legs though some concern that 9-10 and 12-13 posed similar problems. Rather weak start to 3 offering path options. Overall though an interesting well thought out course.


Thanks again to all who put in an entry. Not an easy area to plan on. However most managed to plan credible courses. Congratulations to our finalists, and to Ian Webb who wins the free entry to the Chiltern Challenge 2021.

Remember that the Judge’s decision is final! Stay well.

Mark and Peter