Deangarden, Keep Hill and Wycombe Abbey School

Level C

18th December 2022

Planner's Comments

A big thank you firstly to everyone that came along and participated despite the forecast. Until the latter stages, it was generally drier than expected and many seem to have enjoyed a run under crisp snow dusted conditions. The TVOC team do wish a speedy recovery to the couple of orienteers that were injured today.

As Alun suggests, please do upload your route to RouteGadget. I’m already looking with interest at the climbing versus contouring choices in Deangarden, perhaps one of the more interesting O challenges that could be presented in such an area.

Feedback was on the whole positive, and we’ll be looking to see what else we can do in Deangarden in the future (there is a POC!), and lookout for more events in Wycombe Abbey, a wonderful setting especially for newcomer orienteering. On that note we are always grateful for the permission of the school to use the area, and for Sue and Ian Buxton who helped organise the event and liaise in that regard.

Further thanks to Freya Askham for her supportive, accommodating and friendly controlling, for Mark who selflessly forwent his run to wake up the WAS controls in the cold, Neville for co-organising and all the TVOC teams who supported in the cold and wet.

Do please send any other feedback or comments - it’s how we improve.

Nat Skidmore, Planner (TVOC)