Chiltern Challenge

Level B

17th February 2019

Detailed splits by course – Black, Brown, Short Brown, Blue, Short Blue, Green, Short Green, Very Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, White
BOF ranking points
Some great photos taken at the event by Steve Rush, BOK. You are welcome to use these photos, in club magazines, websites and the like, but please credit the photo to Steve. And if you are using photos of juniors, you must have permission from their parent/guardian before using them.

Organiser's Comments

Thanks for turning out on a lovely day in February. I only heard favourable comments to Nev’s courses and Bob and Pattie’s map, apart from one competitor who chewed our controller’s ear off with the fact that he did not like emiTag mostly cos it did not bleep. My comments Bleep Bleep! A lot of effort goes into these events and it is sad that some get twisted off for trivial reasons.

We did have some problems early on with recording start times as there was interference between the start unit and a buried coil (which I believe records pre-starts) resulting in rather long times when downloading. I have no idea what this means but Allan F and his team fixed this quickly and it did not affect later competitors. Good learning for the JK.

The event had 2 starts, 4 road crossings, and 3 car parks. We had 70 odd volunteers, mostly from TVOC (many of whom did 2 shifts and did not get a run) and also a significant number from BKO. My thanks to you all. Without you we could not have run the event. A special mention to Marie-Anne Fischer who led the car parking and road crossing teams. Great job, thank you.

A big thank also to Bob Alderson of NOC who abandoned his run to help Mary Nixon who had taken a nasty cut on her nose when she fell. Bob, on behalf of the Event Officials, many thanks indeed. A true gent. And to Mary we wish you a speedy recovery.

Lastly thanks to those of you who shared cars. Parking was one of my nightmares, so I was pleased we managed to accommodate over 500 competitors into the car parks, and did not end up with card parked on the roads. Big thanks also to Sam Buckles owner of the Commercial and Office estate where most of you parked. She did an awesome job clearing the estate of cars and lorries that gave most excellent parking. My apologies to those in the overflow car park - it was a bit muddy.

Lost property: Walkie talkie with missing battery pack! Suspect not list in our event!

Multicoloured stripy scarf. Really nice scarf hope no one claims it!


Planner's Comments

Thank you all for coming along.

My aim was to get as many people as possible running through the unused Penn Estate, and the relatively unfamiliar Common Wood.

The three areas are not particularly technical so I tried to incorporate as much route choice as possible. I feel route choice is an often neglected part of course planning.

Bob and Pattie Beresford spent many, many, hours producing an excellent map update for me to work with.

Neville Baker

Controller's Comments

It's always a pleasure controlling the Chiltern Challenge and this year proved no exception.

The detail on the map provided an excellent canvas for Neville to work on and enable him to produce challenging but fair courses. Limitations to my own access to the area were overcome by my two assistant controllers, Freya and Steve, who did most of the leg work and gave me confidence on the ground.

The well oiled event teams from TVOC rose to the challenge provided to them by Mark with assistance from neighbouring clubs. Everything ran smoothly resulting in an event which seemed to be well received from all comments I heard on the day, from the White course up to the well-attended Black.

The emiTag was used as a preparation for the JK and based on this event, the JK should be something to look forward to.

Keith Downing (SMOC)