TVOC is moving to SI

TVOC has decided to switch from using EMIT for event timing to using SportIdent.  And we plan to use SI Air (touch-free punching) at all our events.  This was all agreed at the special club meeting held on 3rd June.

Our next event is the Saturday Series event on Saturday 29th June at Cutteslowe, Oxford.  That will almost certainly be TVOC’s final event using EMIT.  So do come along and celebrate the many years of trusty service that EMIT has given us.

Our first event using SI should be the Saturday Series event on Saturday 20th July at Hodgemoor.  So again, do come along – especially if you have never tried touch-free punching before.  We will have a good number of SI Air dibbers available for people to use.

Some offers for TVOC members:

  1. Do you have a non-Air SI dibber and would like to upgrade to Air?  If so, TVOC will offer a new SI Air dibber in part-exchange for your existing SI dibber for £49.  This compares with the current price for an SI Air dibber of £62.86.  NB there will be no choice of colour or number – the dibbers we are buying are Neon Yellow with blue fingerloop, and the number will just be the highest number in the range of dibbers we have left.
  2. Do you have a failed EMIT card which you would like to donate?  If so, we would love to have it, as Sportident will give us a £3 discount for it.  It’s not a lot, when our new kit costs well into 5 figures, but every little helps.
  3. Would you like a (very) second-hand EMIT brikke for £3.  We will be trading in our old rebatteried brikkes to Sportident for £3 each.  But we are happy to sell them to members at the same price.  Their condition is not great, and we are not giving any warranty as to how long they will last.  But if it means you don’t have to hire an EMIT brikke in future, then you will have recovered the cost after just two events.

If you want to take advantage of any of these offers, then please contact Alun at