Solo-O at Penn Wood

With continuing restrictions on activities, it will be a while before a semi-regular program of events is up and running. In the meantime, Mark Thompson has designed some courses for individuals to run in Penn Wood.

Print the course of your choice from PDF files, head to Penn Wood, park in the church car park (shown on the map), and go. The control sites in the forest are marked with white tape about 30cm by 2.5cm, with the control code written on the ends of the tape (see photo below). There is nothing to punch – indeed you are advised not to touch the tape! The idea is that you run on your own at any time that suits! Run as many courses as you like. Groups are not encouraged – indeed the courses are usually TD4/5. They are NOT for beginners or families. The reason is that tapes on or close to path junctions usually get taken as litter and disappear rather quickly.

These are very low-key training events; there will be no results, though you could arrange to run against a mate and compare your times, if you wish.
The forestry work in Penn Wood seems to have finished and the bits where the courses go are largely unaffected. The forest is in lovely condition now – very runnable and visibility good.

There are three courses available. There’s also an all controls map if someone fancies doing an informal score event. Even this is more TD4 so Light Green standard, though have a go if you wish. The start and finish are not taped but these are located on obvious path junctions. If you can’t find the Start you probably should not be attempting the course! The courses offer route choice. All fences are out of bounds DON’T CLIMB THEM, use the gates. Control sites have been chosen to be fairly obvious.  Note that this training is NOT registered with BOF so you are not covered by their insurance – you run at your own risk.  Print your maps from the links below

Blue course map
Green course map
Short green course map
All controls map

The tapes will be left out until the New Year.

Feedback welcome, to, though if the tapes go missing, I will probably not bother to replace them in a hurry.