Launch of the Thames Valley Junior Orienteering League

The Thames Valley Junior Orienteering League is new for 2022 and runs in conjunction with TVOC’s Saturday Series.

The League is being launched at the Saturday Series event at Brill on Saturday 19th March. Then through the year other Saturday Series events will take place for the league in different locations across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The Junior League is for anyone who is aged 18 or under. You might be a junior newcomer trying out orienteering on the Yellow course, or you may be working your way up the courses in increasing length and difficulty through Orange, Red, Light Green and then Green courses.

Lots of information about the League, along with the full rules, can be found on the Junior League web page.

Points awarded to each participant at each event are calculated against the clock, not their position relative to other juniors. For each age class on each colour course, there is a target time per km (straight line distance); and then each participant receives league points based on their individual time to correctly complete the course.

A participant’s best points scores from half of all the annual league events will count towards their overall Junior League standing. Male and Female participants with the highest overall standing for each age class will be the winners at the end of the year.

The league points scored at each event will be shown on the Junior League web page, along with the on-going league standings throughout the year.

Find more information and details here about the TVOC Saturday Series. 

The Junior Squad is for all members of TVOC who are aged 18 or under. We compete in various regional and national competitions each year and have occasional training sessions.