Compass Sport Cup Entries Open – Please sign up now!

We need as many members as possible to sign up for the first round of the annual inter-club Compass Sport Cup. This competition is all about strength in numbers. We need at least 24 competitors spread across all the age ranges – the more the better, regardless of ability. Competitors in the younger age classes (i.e. under 50!) are especially needed. Juniors who are under 14 (or who turn 14 this year) need to be able to get round an Orange course on their own and those between 14 and 18 need to be able to get round a Green course.

The competition will be on Sunday 15 March at Hampstead Heath. This is a mix of parkland and woodland, not too technical, and very suitable for relative beginners.  Take a look at the map of the area.  And this satellite view, covering the southern part of the map.  As an added bonus there is a children’s playground, great views across London (from Parliament Hill viewpoint), and the shops and cafes of Hampstead Village are just a few minutes’ walk away. More details will be appear here  in due course. We will be competing against HH, SO, SLOW and SN.

Juniors can enter for free (TVOC will pay for you), and for adults the cost will be £12. For those of you who usually only come to Saturday series events, this is quite a lot more than you usually pay because this is a full scale event with toilets, land access costs, a levy payable to BOF, and so on. But it will be a fun day out!  If you don’t have an SI card, then you will need to hire one (£1 for a standard SI card, or £2.50 for a touch-free SI Air card, free for full time students and juniors; don’t lose it, as there is a £35 charge for a lost SI card, £70 for a lost SI Air).

If you are able to take part (and you have not already contacted me), please fill in the Google form The form also includes details of how to pay. I will then add you to the entry list and let you know your exact start time. You will need to run the right course for your age group – see the list below. There are also white, yellow and light green courses available for non-competitive runners who want to come along and run (maybe to support other family members) but don’t want to do their age class course. These cost £10 for adults, £5 for juniors and are entry-on-the-day only.

Course 1 – Brown –  Men Open
Course 2 – Short Brown –  M40+, M20-
Course 3 – Blue –  Women Open
Course 4  – Blue –  Men M50+
Course 5 – Green – Women W45+ W20-
Course 6/8A – Green – Men – M60+ M18-
Course 7 – Short Green – M70+ W60+
Course 10/8B – Short Green – M80+ W70+ W18-
Course 9A – Orange – M14-
Course 9B – Orange – W14-

Hope to see you all signing up soon!