MapRun League Results : Series 2

The TVOC MapRun League Series 2 compries a number of MapRun events run over the Winter of 2020/2021. The events in Series 2 are broadly based towards the East of the TVOC area, away from Oxford. Below are the league tables for both Men and Women. They are followed by the results for each individual event.

Points are awarded for best score on the event during the qualifying period.
50 points for the win, then 49, 48, …
An organiser of an event will get points equal to their best score at another event in the series.
The overall total is a best N from M events. Currently we do not know how many events will be in the series, though the ratio of N to M will probably be about 60%

Due to the Covid-19 Tier situation the closing dates for forthcoming events are suspended until free travel is permitted across the TVOC area.

Event 1 : Closed 21st Nov 2020 : Marlow Bottom and Marlow North, planned by Bob and Pattie Beresford
Event 2 : Closing date suspended : Princes Risbrough, planned by Neville Baker
Event 3 : TBA :
Event 4 : TBA :
Event 5 : TBA :
Event 6 : TBA :

Womens overall league

1Jess ArnoldTVOCW1550501
2Meghan MitchellTVOCW3549491
3Pattie BeresfordTVOCW7048[48]1
4Marie-Anne FischerTVOCW5547471
5Amanda HudsonTVOCW3546461
6Kathryn TurnerTVOCW6045451

Mens overall league table

1Adam PooleTVOCM3050501
2Ben GreenTVOCM4049491
3Alun JonesTVOCM6548481
4Robin BishopTVOCM5047471
5Simon TurtonBKOM5546461
6Chris PooleTVOCM5545451
7Bob BeresfordTVOCM7044[44]1
8Nigel HoultTVOCM6543431
9Colin PalmerTVOCM3542421
10Neville BakerTVOCM6541411
11Phil ArnoldTVOCM4540401
12Andrew SouthwoodBKOM5539391
13Mark FoxwellBKOM5538381
14Eoin SharkeyINDM5537371
15John TurnerTVOCM6536361
16Janusz HolenderTVOCM6035351
17Roger CliffeTVOCM4534341
18Grisha StukalinTVOCM6033331

Event 1 : Marlow Bottom and Marlow North, planned by Bob and Pattie Beresford

1Adam PooleTVOCM3059:42500050050
2Ben GreenTVOCM4059:36460046049
3Alun JonesTVOCM6558:16440044048
4Robin BishopTVOCM5059:23390039047
5Simon TurtonBKOM5556:36380038046
6Chris PooleTVOCM5558:18370037045
7Bob BeresfordTVOCM7056:21350035044
8Nigel HoultTVOCM6557:39350035043
9Colin PalmerTVOCM3557:43350035042
10Neville BakerTVOCM6555:09340034041
11Phil ArnoldTVOCM4557:32330033040
12Jess ArnoldTVOCW1551:42310031050
13Andrew SouthwoodBKOM551:01:193504031039
14Mark FoxwellBKOM5556:51290029038
15Meghan MitchellTVOCW3557:14290029049
16Pattie BeresfordTVOCW7059:44270027048
17Marie-Anne FischerTVOCW5555:12260026047
18Eoin SharkeyINDM5558:22260026037
19Amanda HudsonTVOCW3557:42250025046
20John TurnerTVOCM6558:21250025036
21Janusz HolenderTVOCM601:02:482806022035
22Roger CliffeTVOCM4559:28180018034
23Grisha StukalinTVOCM601:00:292002018033
24Kathryn TurnerTVOCW601:01:562104017045