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Kingswood1 Map Control Descriptions
Line course, straight line 4.0km.  The start and finish are at the bottom of Kingswood Road, Tylers Green, nearest postcode HP10 8JL, where there is a small car park.

The Start and Finish are a few yards back up Kingswood Road, to ensure competitors do not inadvertently run through the Finish part way through their course.  To start just walk up the hill for 20 or 30 metres until your phone dings, then turn round and head into the woods. Same at the Finish; just run a short distance up Kingswood Road until your phone dings to record your finish.

The controls are old permanent orienteering course markers. A few have disappeared – these have the symbol of a man in the final column on the control descriptions.  Faster runners should note that their GPS may struggle to keep up, so they may have to hesitate at some markers, or even run around in a short circle to pick up the ‘punch’.  And note that the path junction at control 7 is very indistinct.