Helping At Events

Our orienteering events depend entirely on our numerous friendly volunteers. As a member of TVOC we very much hope and expect that you will want to play your part in helping at our events. In return you will receive a significant reduction in your entry fee. Helping is on a shift system so everyone has the opportunity to have a run. And it’s a great way to get to know other club members too.

Saturday Series events

For Saturday Series events, helpers pay a discounted price. You will find a link to a helpers sheet on the event details page, usually in the Officials section. Just sign up on that helpers sheet for one of the roles listed. If you are not sure what to go for, then put your name down under the ‘”HAPPY TO HELP, WHERE DO YOU NEED ME?” section (bottom right of the spreadsheet).

Larger events

For bigger events, which are usually on a Sunday, we have a team system.

If you are NOT currently a member of a team, then please join one. It’s not a big commitment, and it is a great way to get to know other club members. All that will happen is that, when one of our bigger events is being held, your team leader will ask you if you can help at the event. If you are available, then you will be helping for a couple of hours, but you will always be able to have a run as well as help.

Please contact who will be glad to add you to one of our teams.

Each team is headed up by a team leader who you should contact if you want to know more details about that team. 

Car Parking

A nice little warm-up exercise before going for your run.  And an opportunity to give a nice cheery welcome to people coming to the event. Specifically:

  • Erect signs directing orienteers to event
  • Give instructions to drivers as they enter the parking area, including collecting any parking fees, and issuing  entry forms
  • Direct cars to park appropriately in parking area
  • If the courses involve a road crossing, marshal the crossing.
  • If the exit from the parking area has poor visibility, provide guidance to drivers as they leave
  • After event, remove direction signs.

The team leader is Neville Baker –


Also known as the Information team, these smiley, sympathetic and proactive folk have the ability to find something out when they don’t already know it. We wear ‘Ask me for help’ tabards. Specifically we:

  • Erect tent/gazebo, display boards and signage
  • Provide information to competitors about the event, the club and orienteering generally as required.
  • Advise newcomers on various matters such as how a compass works, using SI cards, map legend, map scale, description sheet symbols, how to enter, which course to choose, etc
  • Supervise the self-drop car key system
  • Lend or sell compasses, whistles, etc.

The team leader is Roger Baker –

Timing & Results

Lots of customer contact – greeting people when they come to collect their hired dibber, or listening to tales of woe when they download – and a nice dry place to sit, make this a great job. Specifically:

  • Erect tents and signage
  • Update entries in the system for any on the day changes, subject to map availability and competition rules.
  • Distribute hired SI cards (timing chip)
  • Operate Download for finished competitors
  • Provide live results on monitors, and on the website (if there is a decent mobile signal)
  • Towards end of event, identify which runners have not downloaded (in order to identify whether / when controls can start to be collected, etc).

The team leader is Alun Jones –


Ideal for those who like an early start and/or a defined early finish.

  • Mark and sign route from Car Park to Start
  • Lay out start lanes, with map boxes, clock, blank maps, SIAC test control, control descriptions as appropriate
  • Operate Start
    • Brief competitors on map layout, position of start control and other relevant material
    • Ensure starters punch the Clear and Check controls, and know to punch the Start control.
    • Help complete beginners through the start process. Relatively recent beginners are ideal here, as they will understand the concerns that newcomers will have.
  • After final starter has started, dismantle Start lanes, signage and tapes, and return all equipment to the Car Park.  Return Start list and Clear, Check and Start controls to Results tent.

The team leader is Jon Wheatcroft –

  • Erect Finish banner and any necessary tapes
  • Mark route from Finish to Car Park
  • Man the Finish during the event:
    • (where required) ensure each finisher punches safety control,
    • point competitors back to the Car Park,
    • ensure any youngsters who have been told to wait by the Finish when they finish are OK, and
    • ensure any competitors requiring First Aid are dealt with promptly.
  • Arrange for provision of drinks for competitors (when required).

The team leaders are John and Kathryn Turner –

Control Collectors

A gentle cool-down jog or walk after your run. Check out those controls you had difficulty with, check out the confusing area of the map for the next time…… Specifically

  • Receive instructions on controls to collect
  • Collect controls and return them to the Car Park.

The team leader is Nigel Bunn –