TVOC Saturday Series: Waddesdon Manor

Saturday Series

10th June 2023

Location: Waddesdon Manor
Nearest Postcode: HP18 0LH

Directions / Parking

Car parking is in the Waddesdon Manor main car park – drive right round the car park to the final bay (Bay P), where the tent and banner will be located.

Car park

Your entry fee covers you for the grounds entry whilst on your course. If you wish to re-enter the grounds after your run, to explore the Waddesdon estate or visit the manor, then the normal admission rates would apply (unless you’re a NT member).

Terrain Description

Country house parkland, with a mix of undulating open areas, woodland, formal gardens and some interesting rock and vegetation detail. The courses have been planned to give you a tour of the best bits!

The Map

1:5000, A4 size. Loose control descriptions will be available at the Start, if you want them (all courses have control descriptions on the map too).

Start Times

You must pre-enter via SIEntries - see link at the top of this page.

Starts will be from 10.15 to 11.45am.
The Start and Finish are a 700m walk from registration towards the Manor (we're not using the buses this year).

IMPORTANT: Courses close at 1pm. You must report to the registration/download tent by 1pm latest, even if you retire or have not finished. The controls will be collected from 1pm onwards


YELLOW: 2.1km. Suitable for juniors with some experience or for supervised newcomers, and for family groups.
ORANGE: 2.8km. Suitable for adult beginners, families and experienced juniors.
RED: 4.0km. Longer, but no more challenging navigationally than Orange. Ideal for runners new to orienteering. You still need to be able to read a map, but it is more like an unmarked trail race.
LIGHT GREEN: 3.6km. More challenging; for improvers and those with a bit of experience. Most controls away from paths and more route choices.

The courses have been planned in a sprint-style, meaning lots of controls and twists and turns!

If you're a runner trying orienteering for the first time, the Red course is ideal - you will probably run 5km doing it; if that is too much, then Orange might be more suitable.
For family groups, we recommend the Orange course, or Yellow if you want something shorter.
For juniors, Yellow is a good course, though juniors new to the sport should be accompanied.

Course lengths are straight line distances between the control points. You can expect to run at least 20% more than the stated distances!


Control descriptions will be on the map only.

The THAMES VALLEY JUNIOR ORIENTEERING LEAGUE runs in conjunction with TVOC’s Saturday Series. Any junior aged 18 or under who enters this event as an individual and who successfully completes a course on their own (or in a junior pair on the Yellow course only, or who is shadowed by a parent/carer on the Yellow or Orange courses only) will be automatically included in the Junior League standings. Please note that any junior who enters and participates as part of a family group, or other group, will not be eligible for the Junior League. More League details and full rules can be found at

How To Enter

All entries are through SiEntries online only. Click on the link at the top of the page.
Entry to the event will be available up to 11am on the day of the event, Saturday 10th June. However entries after Sunday 4th June will be subject to map availability, so we advise earlier entry.

You don't have to be a member of an orienteering club to enter this event. On SiEntries, just show your club name as IND (for Independent)

Small family or other groups are welcome, but please enter only the Yellow, Orange or Red courses. You just need a single entry. Enter as a Senior (M/W 21+). If you enter as a group, SiEntries will ask you for the name of your group to appear in results - eg Jones family.

Entry Cost

Early entries up to and including Sunday 4th June
- Red and Light Green - BOF members £6, non-members and family groups £8, Juniors & Students £2
- Yellow and Orange - BOF members £5, non-members and family groups £7, Juniors & Students £2
Later entries from Mon 5th June through to 11am Sat 10th June (assuming spaces and maps are still available) - £1 extra

Timing chip hire £1 (essential if you do not own one). Lost timing chips charged at £65.


Toilets are available in the car park and at the manor. There are several cafes at the manor too.

Further Information

As set out in clause 7.3 of our Entry Terms & Conditions, we will provide a full refund if you have to cancel because you test positive for COVID in the seven days leading up to the event.

Junior League
More detailed information about the Junior League that runs in conjunction with the Saturday Series can be found here.


Organiser: Mike Shires, TVOC    email organiser
Planner: Mike Shires, TVOC


TVOC members, PLEASE sign up to help.