This page provides links to various documents which may be downloaded. The last 4 are of particular relevance to event organisers.

General Downloads

Instructions on the use of the TVOC sailbanner.

TVOC Logo in png fomat. This is 100px – 100px in size.

Clubmark Logo in png format. Note that this is large image, 880px – 760px, and will need to be resized when used.

Join us Logo in png format for adding to maps, 954px – 825px.

The above logo’s will open in the browser, so right click the image and select Save Image As…

Event Officials Downloads

There are some useful documents available here – in particular the Organiser’s and Planner’s checklists.  If you have one of those roles, then they set out the series of tasks you need to follow, with timescales.  Just download a copy, and note on it the progress you are making.  It then becomes a useful record for you.

The organisers page on the British Orienteering website also has useful information. Organisers must pay particular attention to the Risk Assessment, Accident and Missing competitor items.

Risk Assessment

The Organiser must produce a risk assessment prior to the event. You should discuss it with the planner, mapper and controller when preparing it.

This pro forma risk assessment is a useful base for drafting the risk assessment.  But you should also look at the risk assessment for the last event at that location, and perhaps the risk assessment from a previous major TVOC event, when completing the risk assessment. The latter should all be available on the TVOC shared drive – ask if you have not been given access to it.  Note thought that it is essential that the Organiser (and other officials) thinks carefully about the specific risks applying to their event.

Missing competitors

Prior to the event, the Organiser must think through the actions to be taken if a competitor appears to be missing. The following documents should be reviewed and the relevant preparatory work undertaken prior to the event:

Search Recommendations
Missing Competitor Handout

Event Teams

Organising an orienteering event is a big undertaking. The TVOC event teams are well established, but are always looking for more members willing to help. If you would like to help in a team, this document describes each of the event teams and their key functions.