Club Champions Archive

This page lists all past champions data in chronological order.

Old champions data not listed here have not been transferred from the old website, contact the webmaster if needed.


Championship held at - Long Valley on Sunday, November 13th

Class Male Female
Super Junior (12-) Matvei Dnestrovskii
Junior (14-)
Intermediate (18-)
Senior (Open) Tuomas Tala Becky Carlyle
Veteran (45+) Roger Thetford Alison Smith
Super Veteran (60+) Dave Kingham Kathryn Turner
Ultra Veteran (70+) Martin Ricketts Pattie Beresford
Hyper Veteran (80+)


Championship held at - Pamber & Silchester on Sunday, October 31st

Class Male Female
Super Junior (12-) Sherlock Drew
Junior (14-) Nathan Taylor
Intermediate (18-) Joel Taylor Carys Sharp
Senior (Open) Simon Ross Tilly Woods
Veteran (45+) Richard Sharp Rachel Drew
Super Veteran (60+) Peter Williams
Ultra Veteran (70+) Merlyn Vyner Pattie Beresford
Hyper Veteran (80+) John Thompson


Sorry, no data found for this year.


Championship held at - Bucklebury Common on Sunday, October 6th

Class Male Female
Super Junior (12-) Nathan Taylor
Junior (14-) Joel Taylor Carys Sharp
Intermediate (18-)
Senior (Open) Jan Travnicek Laura Parkes
Veteran (45+) Tim Must Jennifer Thomas
Super Veteran (60+) Mikhail Gryaznevich Inara Gipsle
Ultra Veteran (70+) Jim Prowting Yvonne Hodson
Hyper Veteran (80+) Roger Baker


Championship held at - Northaw on Sunday, October 28th

Class Male Female
Super Junior (12-) Stephen Cunnane
Junior (14-) Jonathan Cunnane
Intermediate (18-)
Senior (Open) David Bunn Laura Parkes
Veteran (45+) Nigel Bunn Jennifer Thomas
Super Veteran (60+) Alun Jones Inara Gipsle
Ultra Veteran (70+) John Chappell Yvonne Hodson
Hyper Veteran (80+)