Chiltern Challenge

SCOA Championships and Interland selection

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To be eligible for the SCOA Championships, a competitor must:

  • be a BOF member with SCOA as their nominated Association (as shown on their membership card)
  • enter the class for their age as listed below, or to ‘run up’. (Note that, as per BOF rule 8.3, women are permitted to be competitive in men’s classes but men are not permitted to compete in women’s classes.)
  • pre-enter by the published closing date of Sunday 3 December 2023.

Black, M21
Brown, M35, M40
Short Brown, M18, M20, M45, M50, W21
Blue, M16, M55, M60, W35, W40
Short Blue, M65, W18, W20, W45, W50
Green, M70, W16, W55, W60
Short Green, M75, M80, W65, W70
V Short Green, M85, M90, W75, W80, W85, W90
Light Green, M14, W14
Orange, M12, W12
Yellow, M10, W10

When you enter, you will be asked whether or not you are eligible.

Medals [or certificates] will be awarded to the first three eligible in each age class. It is intended that the prize-giving takes place at 1:30pm or as soon as practicable after that. If you are eligible, please select a start time which allows you to have completed your course and downloaded by 1:00pm, in order that the prize-giving can go ahead promptly.

SCOA members will be deemed to be competing in their actual age group, if they are running the course appropriate to their age group. If they are running up a course, then they will be deemed to be competing:

  • for juniors, in the youngest age group for the course they are running.
  • for seniors, in the oldest age group for the course they are running.

If they wish to be treated as competing in a different age group, they will need to contact the  (organiser) by Sunday 3 December 2023 specifying the age group in which they wish to compete.

For example an M60 (or M65) running Blue will be deemed as competing in M60. A W16 competing in Short Blue will be deemed as competing in W18. If they wish to be considered as competing in M55 or W20 respectively, then they need to contact the Organiser.

Interland selection

Juniors who wish to be considered for Interland selection must enter the following classes.  Entries close on Sunday 3 December 2023. The actual course run is shown in brackets.  Those seeking Interland selection should choose their correct age class and not ‘run up’. Candidates for Interland selection need to enter by class, as they will be given start times 4 minutes apart from other Interland selection candidates:

Interland Selection M/W14 (Light Green)
Interland Selection W16 (Green)
Interland Selection W18 (Short Blue)
Interland Selection M16 (Blue)
Interland Selection M18 (Short Brown)

These are the same courses as the SCOA Championships, but have a 4 minute gap between runners so are allocated starts. Missing your start time could result in some delay until the next available 4 minute slot.

All other courses have allocated starts to control competitor flow.

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