TVOC Clothing

Jackets (£50) and short sleeved tops (£25) are available at TVOC’s weekend events.

I intend to be at Bradenham on Tuesday 24th May and Whiteleaf on Tuesday 7th June. Please email in advance to check stock.

I will be placing an order with our supplier soon so please email if you would like a women’s fit or long sleeved top as they are pre-order only.

Please note that our technical orienteering tops are designed by Trimtex and are manufactured in ad hoc batches in Estonia with up to 8 week lead times. Therefore you may have to wait up to six months or more for the next order if you require long sleeved or women’s fit.

Scroll down for more detailed information.


Orienteering Tops

Short Sleeved Tops £25:

Popular unisex sizes are kept in stock.

Women’s fit are available to pre-order.

Tops for Juniors:

These are issued free:

Juniors who have participated in 3 colour-coded courses in the last 12 months will be eligible for a club top, which can be exchanged for a larger size when out-grown.

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December. Child sizes are by height 130, 140, 150 and 160cm. Size charts are at the bottom of this page. I endeavour to have an appropriate size available but this may not always be possible.

Long sleeved Orienteering Tops £30:

Available to preorder in unisex and Women’s fit.

Jackets £50:

Popular sizes are kept in stock, in Men’s and Women’s fit.

Size Charts: