Schools League

Thames Valley Orienteering Club has set up a Schools Orienteering League, which runs alongside the series of TVOC Saturday morning events, and also at some of our larger Sunday morning events.


Is this page relevant now, there doesn’t seem to have been any activity recently ? I won’t do any more on this page until it’s confirmed that we’re still supporting this, a it’s a fair amount of work to support posting of results etc. After a bit more thought, I would suggest all results are stored in an external Google document, in the same way that the Saturday handicap league does. This could be a single document containing results for multiple seasons (allowing for simple results archive), or seperate documents for each season. The schools league has a very limited viewer appeal, so we should do whatever is simpliest if we want to keep it.


Full details of the league rules can be found here.

Briefly, any child from any school in the TVOC area (covering Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire) can just turn up at any Saturday morning event and register as a team member for their school. Their run will then score points for their school, with the best six scores counting on the day. Season results are based on the school’s best 5 events. So the more runners a school has, the better they are likely to do.

Years 6 and under do the White course, Years 7-8 the Yellow course, and so on (see the details in the link above). The Saturday events are designed to be suitable for beginners as training can be provided on the day, and children are able to go round the courses in pairs or with adult helpers and still score points (though children able to do the course on their own will score more).

If you are bringing beginners to an event it is best to contact the club in advance so that suitable numbers of qualified coaches can be provided.