Saturday Handicap League

Is this page relevant now, there doesn’t seem to have been any activity recently ? I won’t do any more on this page until it’s confirmed that we’re still supporting this, a it’s a fair amount of work to support posting of results etc.

To make the Saturday Series more interesting and give all a chance to win a handicap system on the Light Green and Green (or short green if applicable) courses this season.

Latest results of the Handicap League. Results from previous years can be found on the Saturday series archive page.

Background to the Handicap League

The handicap system follows that used for Frolics (many thanks to LOK for their permission to adopt the Frolics system here). Total handicap in minutes will be subtracted from your time taken to complete the course. The overall winner allowing for handicap is the runner with the lowest corrected time. We will maintain a league system for the season based on the best 5 out of a possible 10 events.

Handicap adjustments in minutes are made for 3 categories:

  • Age – based on an M21 or W21 receiving no handicap increasing with relative age away from the base line. E.g. a M14 or W14 will get an 8 minute handicap: an M50/W50 will get 4 minutes and an M75/W75 will get 14 minutes.
  • Gender – men 0 minutes, women 7 minutes.
  • Experience – an experienced orienteer that would finish in the top third at a level B event (in the long course) would get 0 minutes; an experienced orienteer likely to finish in the middle third would get 4 minutes; an experienced orienteer likely to finish in the bottom third 7 minutes; a beginner 10 minutes.

Thus a W50 who would be expected to finish in the bottom third at a level B event would receive a total handicap of 18 minutes, whilst a leading M21 would receive none. A top W14 would get 15 minutes.

Ask Mark or Alex if you want more details. The LOK details which we have adopted can be found at

The orienteer with the lowest overall time corrected for handicap will score 100 points, next 99 etc.