TVOC Event Organiser Information

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This page provides links to various items which may be downloaded and have particular reference to event organisers.

  • Event flyer templates
  • Risk Assessments
  • Missing person search info
  • Event team information
British Orienteering website - organiser link

Click here to view the organisers section on the British Orienteering website. Organisers must pay particular attention to the Risk Assessment, Accident and Missing competitor items.

TVOC Organiser's Checklist

Click to open the Organiser's Checklist.

TVOC Event Flyer Templates

Two templates are provided in Word format:- One for the Saturday Series, and one for normal events.

  • Click here to open the TVOC Saturday Series Event Flyer Template.
  • Click here to open the TVOC Event Flyer Template.

Once the new flyer has been created save it as a Word document with a relevant file name. If you can, convert it to PDF format before posting to the Google group or to the TVOC webmaster.

See here for an example main event flyer.

Organiser's box

The organiser's kit box contains the items listed in this content list document.

Risk Assessment

The Organiser must produce a risk assessment prior to the event. You should discuss it with the planner, mapper and controller when preparing it.

The Risk Assessment template can be obtained from the British Orienteering website at

The following Risk Assessment from a previous major TVOC event may be helpful when completing this form. However it is essential that the Organiser (and other officials) thinks carefully about the specific risks applying to their event. Bradenham 2012 risk assessment

This document may also be helpful in thinking about event safety: LVO-Event-Safety-Steps-reduced.doc

The organiser should also have a couple of copies of British Orienteering's Accident Report Form with him on the day of the event. These can be printed off the British Orienteering website at

Missing competitors

Prior to the event, the Organiser must think through the actions to be taken if a competitor appears to be missing. The following documents should be reviewed and the relevant preparatory work undertaken prior to the event:

  • A note setting out search recommendations. Search-Recommendations.pdf
  • A note setting out suggested steps to be taken when a competitor appears to be missing. Missing-Competitor-Handout.doc
  • Print off the following documents ready for use at the event. They can be found here.
    • Event emergency plan - complete in advance the name and date of the event, your name and sunset time
    • Phone and search record - complete in advance the postcode and latitude/longtitude of the event
    • Search team information
Event Teams

A document describing each of the Event teams and their key functions can be downloaded here.

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