Jonathan Fairn Trophy

Jonathan was a founder member of TVOC. He had been an early member of Chiltern Orienteering Club, one of three clubs which merged in the early 1970's to form TVOC. Jonathan was a very successful solicitor in Thame and, by all accounts, a very outgoing and friendly character. He was a very keen if not particular skilled orienteer, and was instrumental in encouraging a number of others to try out what was then in the UK a new sport. He also organised a number of events, and was very glad to take on jobs at other events.

In addition to orienteering, Jonathan was a keen hill walker, competed on the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon a few times, and was also an accomplished violinist. It was therefore a very great shock when he took his own life in 1979. However his friends at TVOC were very keen that he be remembered, and therefore established a perpetual trophy to commemorate his life and the sport he loved.

The trophy has always been awarded to the club member who, never having won the trophy previously, and who was M/W40 or above, did best at the Southern Championships. The calculations have changed over the years, both as the ranking system has evolved and to base the results on performance at the November Classic. (This latter change was in order to avoid the problem of limited candidates when the Southern Championships were held in Western Cornwall.)

The calculation now is 6000 x Individual's ranking points at November Classic / Total ranking points of Class Leader*

* The Class Leader's ranking points are the sum of their 6 best scores in the previous 12 months, as published on the British Orienteering website in the week before the November Classic. And in the rare case where a class leader's ranking points are less than the points of the leader of an older age group, then the points of the latter are used for both age groups.

The Trophy is a silver-plated tankard, on which the names of previous winners are engraved. It is an illustrious list, featuring many of the key people from the club, past and present.

The current holder of the trophy is Sue Jones. A list of all winners can be viewed here