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2016 Club Championships: September

The 2016 Club championships was at Godshill. The courses to run for each age class were as follows:

Super Junior: M12- Orange, W12- Orange
Junior: M14- Light Green, W14- Light Green
Intermediate: M16-18 Blue, W16-18 Green
Senior: Open Brown, Women's Open Blue
Veteran: M45+ Blue, W45+ Green
Super-Vet: M60+ Green, W60+ Very Short Green
Ultra-Vet: M70+ Green, W60+ Very Short Green
Hyper-Vet: M80+ Very Short Green, W60+ Very Short Green

The current (2016) TVOC champions are as follows:

Class Champion
Super Junior Male (M12-) (none)
Super Junior Female (W12-) Carys Sharp.
Junior Male (M14-) (none)
Junior Female (W14-) (none)
Intermediate Male (M18-) (none)
Intermediate Female (W18-) (none)
Senior Male (Open) Roger Thetford
Senior Female (Open) (none)
Veteran Male (M45+) Dave Kingham
Veteran Female (W45+) Alison Smith
Super Veteran Male (M60+) Richard Steptoe
Super Veteran Women (W60+) Yvonne Hodson
Ultra Veteran Male (M70+) Jim Prowting
Ultra Veteran Women (W70+) (none)
Hyper Veteran Male (M80+) Roger Baker
Ultra Veteran Women (W80+) (none)

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