Results for Saturday Series, Christmas Common, 01/04/2017

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Many thanks for coming to our Christmas Common event. We had a record number of attendees for a Saturday Series. We hope you all enjoyed your runs.

Apologies to those of you on Orange and Red courses. Unfortunately a control was moved - whether by an orienteer or just by somebody walking in the woods who fancied creating a bit of mischief, we do not know. I have removed the offending control from the results, so no-one is disqualified. I have not, though, removed the leg times either side of the missing control. On Orange, with only six controls, removing those two legs would leave a very short course. But in looking at the results, do bear in mind that some competitors spent a significant amount of time looking for the missing control, whilst others knew that the control was missing.

If you have any queries with these results, please contact Alun at

As many of you will be aware, all our events are organised by volunteers. On behalf of all today's participants, I would like to thank the 20 or so TVOC volunteers who so readily gave up their time to make the event happen, especially to planner Seamus Cunnane. Big thanks also to Nat, who coordinates the Saturday Series. And to the farmer Mr Ingram for access to the forest and to use of his barn.

If you are new to orienteering we would be delighted if you were to join TVOC. To do so, just contact the Membership Secretary for more details, at

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Our next events are:
- Chiltern Challenge at Hambleden on Sunday 9th April. This is a major event with maybe 500 competitors, but newcomers will be very welcome. We will offer White, Yellow and Orange courses as well as long technical courses for experienced orienteers. Pre-entry advised, preferably by Sunday 2nd April to take advantage of reduced entry prices.
- Urban Score event at Bracknell on the evening of Wednesday 12th April. Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult because of orad crossings. Pre-entry advised.
- Saturday Series at Brill on 6th May. This is an extra event slotted into our schedule.

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