Results for Southern Night Championships, Penn Wood - 02/12/2017

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Schedule of Southern Night Champions

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Officials' comments

There are some great photographs available of the event:
- Andy Johnson BAOC took these photos on Saturday and Sunday.
- Ian Buxton TVOC took these of Saturday night's prizegiving.
Both photographers are happy for you to use the photos for club newsletters, promotional material etc, but ask that they are acknowledged as the photographer.

Many thanks for coming to this year's Southern Night Champs. It was great to see you all, and to have the large contingent of Army personnel present - it made the event feel quite special.

Big thanks to planners Neville Baker assisted by Gary Walford, to controller Mike Pemberton (BKO) assisted by David Frampton (HH), to Bob and Pattie Beresford for producing an excellent map, and all the helpers who made the event happen - including several from BKO who very kindly offered to support us.

If you were a Champion but could not stay for the prize-giving, please contact Alun (details at foot of page) to arrange to collect your trophy.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. TVOC's next events are:
- Saturday 30th December - Saturday Series at Chesham Bois, near Amersham
- Saturday 20th January - Halton Urban Race, SEOUL and level C, near Wendover
- Sunday 15th April - Chiltern Challenge, level B, at Great Hampden, near Princes Risborough.
More details on our website.

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Class Results - civilians
M16 W16
M18 W18
M20 W20
M21 W21
M35 W35
M40 W40
M45 W45
M50 W50
M55 W55
M60 W60
M65 W65
M70 W70
M75 W75
Long Orange

Class Results - Army Inter Corps Champs
M21L M21S W21L W21S
M35L M35S W35+L W35+S
M40L M40S
M45L M45S
M50+L M50+S
Mens Under 25 Womens Under 25

Course splits
Short Brown M18 M20 M21 M35 M40
Blue M16 M45 M50 M55 W20 W21 W35 W40
Army ICSL M21L M35L M40L M45L M50L
Green M60 M65 W16 W18 W45 W50 W55
Army ICW W21L W35L
Short Green M70 M75 W60 W65 W70 W75
Army ICSS M21S M35S M40S M45S M50S
Long Orange LOran
Army U25 competition W21S W35S MU25 WU25

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